The Socio-economic Transformation

The Socio-economic Transformation

Riding the waves of change – How to lead in times of economic crises

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Socio-economic systems change always comes in waves and consequently results in cycles of economic growth. Until now, the triggers for new economic cycles have always been technological in nature, as can be witnessed with the latest wave, the wave of digitalization. However, the next transformational change is approaching quickly. But for the first time in history this new wave is not focused on technological innovation but on people and their social interactions.

In order to successfully navigate this transformation process, organizations and their leaders need a completely new mindset as well as different behavioral patterns. In the context of this book this upcoming wave and the required skills will not only be outlined in theory but will also be supported by practical examples.

We describe the symptoms of the current change process in our socio-economic system, show its impact on organizations and present future-oriented leadership and management concepts. This book is a travel guide for openminded leaders and decision makers, who already recognize the signs of the upcoming transformation, who want to initiate change in their respective environment but are still lacking the appropriate tools.