Chapter 3 – Looking into the future

After giving an introduction into the theoretical beckground of the long waves of economic development, we describe the expected societal changes. We also explain in detail the impact that this collective transformation will have on our economy. We outline, what this change means for organizations and their executives, which consequences it will have and by which parameters it can be identified. Based on trends that we observe in our professional life, we draw a prospective picture of the upcoming wave.

From which observations can we derive that a new cycle is on its way?

What do we observe in our job and in our society?

Some of the first indicators and trends are, for example, the formation of communities as a new kind of social system, but also the increasing importance of empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership. We can see that we have reached the end of a unique phase of individualization that overemphasized the “I”. Instead, we can observe that the pendulum starts swinging back and we are in fact currently in the middle of a transition phase to “WE” consciousness.