Chapter 1 – Jigsaw pieces of the systems crisis

We are dealing with a multitude of people from different backgrounds, privately and business related: from international business leaders to nursing staff, from teachers to restaurant proprietors, from psychotherapists to entrepreneurs. A lot of them have the feeling that there is something going on. Therefore, we collected a variety of puzzle pieces that, when put together, give a general picture: we are already right in the middle of a dramatic and fundamental wave of change. As each of these symptoms of the approaching transformation on its own is neither especially new nor really spectacular, this wave of change doesn’t register yet, or it is simply ignored. But the emerging systemic picture allows us to try for a diagnosis.

The socio-economic system generates more and more complexity

In our organizations but also in our society everything is becoming increasingly complicated. We observe excessive bureaucracy and people’s frustration about meaningless jobs.

The pressure on each individual is increasing

Everybody is under permanent pressure: the pressure to continuously become even more or even better, the pressure to always show peak performance or to have to decide between a multitude of different options.

Caught in a rat race

Our customers describe a feeling like being trapped in a hamster wheel. Mental overload, stress depression or isolation become increasingly common.

A fear-driven society

All of these sensations have resulted in the development of a fear-driven society – fear of losing wealth or status, fear of losing control but also fear of change, as it has become impossible to fully grasp or handle the complexity of our environment.