The Authors

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Anja Kossik & Karl Hitschmann

As systemic business consultants we are working with people in their business environment. As such, we consider a company not as an isolated entity, but as an integral part of our societal and economic system. With our perspective focused on the bigger picture we are able to identify economic trends and to analyze societal developments when working in consulting projects. We pick up on previosly unidentified relations and we observe the most prevalent reaction patterns to outside conditions that are getting increasingly complex and are changing even more and more rapidly.

We are convinced that our socio-economic system is currently transitioning from the industrial via the information to the knowledge age, and that the overall framework will change more drastically than in the past 100 years. We are also convinced that it is impossible to master this transition with the traditional management instruments. Some of those will even be detrimental, as we show in our book and in our lectures. And there is no turning back. This leap in development becomes increasingly visible. Old normalities, tools and reaction patterns do not result in the expected effects. We are living on the brink of a new era, of a new wave, if you want.